About Coffee Mountain


Established in 2013, Coffee Mountain has dedicated its mission in exploring and promoting the most “Hong Kong” coffee culture.

Collaborating the long history of coffee, both from Western and local; and infusing it with the knowledge and experience in the past, we challenge on every possibility of coffee: bespoke coffee design, gourmet pairing, edible coffee, and so on.

By our own style, we strive to lead the future of our “Hong Kong Coffee Pop”.

The Hong Kong Roastery

100% Pure, Natural, Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong

In hands with the most professional and historical roaster in Hong Kong, we are roasting and blending the freshest coffee beans with the finest quality.

From picking & selection, to roasting and all procedures, all are being done by human: a collection of expertise, experience and passion of 3 generations in Hong Kong. For only one reason that every single coffee lover is able to enjoy our most “Hong Kong Coffee”.

CM roastery