Design meets tradition!

Karlsbad brewing method can make the coffee without any foreign taste and you can enjoy the purest aroma. Without any filter paper or sieve attachment, Bayreuth coffee maker gently detaches fat, oil, sugar and acids by its throughout glazed double strainer.

Brewing Time
2½ – 3 minutes

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Step 1 | Warm Up & Rinse Coffee Maker

Warm up and rinse the empty coffee maker with hot water. This helps maintain the temperature for best extraction. Discard the rinse water.

Step 2 | Measure Coffee Grounds

Grind 15 grams of coffee (3 tbsp) as fine as sea salt. Add it directly onto the porcelain double sieve in the upper container and gently tap it to make sure the bed is completely flat.

Step 3 | Saturate the Grounds

Saturate the grounds completely with just enough hot water (about 92-96°C). Let it bloom for 30 seconds. CO2 is released and coffee “blooms” – the grounds should rise up and bubble a bit.

Step 4 | Pour Continuously

Place the water dispenser on top and slowly pour. The water now runs through the grounds and the double sieve into the pot below.

Step 5 | Serve & Enjoy

Your brew volume should reach approximately 150ml. Remove the filter and pour the coffee into a warm mug. Enjoy!