If you enjoy drinking ice cold coffee with low acidity, low bitterness & lingering aftertaste then cold brew coffee is what you should get. The brewing process can take any time between 8 to 24 hours inside the refrigerator. We love to brew our SNOW MOUNTAIN for 24 hours to extract all the goodness of coffee beans.

Brewing Time
8-24 hours

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Step 1 | Measure Coffee Grounds

Grind 60g of coffee as fine as sea salt and add it into the strainer.

Cold Brew – User Guide 1

Step 2 | Screw On

Screw on the strainer to the upper part.

Cold Brew – User Guide 2

Step 3 | Pour Water

Set the spout with the strainer attached to the glass bottle. Gently pour water (~700ml) into the bottle.

Cold Brew – User Guide 3

Step 4 | Shake Gently

Put the stopper on, shake it gently and allow the coffee and water to mix thoroughly.

Cold Brew – User Guide 4

Step 5 | Brew in Refrigerator

Brew in refrigerator for 8-24 hours.
* For our SNOW MOUNTAIN coffee beans, the recommended brewing time is 24 hours *

Step 6 | Serve & Enjoy

Give it a gentle shake and remove the spout. Enjoy!

Cold Brew – User Guide 6